Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Warts

The easiest & the most commonly applied procedure for treating warts is by using apple cider vinegar. Ingredients used in the procedure of apple cider vinegar warts include three very commonly used ingredients that are a common site in your house; cotton balls, band aids & apple cider vinegar.

Let us first discuss in detail the procedure of apple cider vinegar warts & then we will look in detail as to why people prefer this treatment over others, why this is the procedure that is the first choice of the people suffering from warts & only if this does not works in case of the most stubborn warts do they shift to other herbal & medical procedures.

Coming back to the procedure, the first & the foremost step is that you wash & clean the area which has been infected by the wart with soap. Once you have washed it thoroughly gently dry it up with a fresh towel. Now soak the cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar & once it is fully soaked in the vinegar place it on the wart. To keep the cotton ball on it fix it with the help of band-aid.  First the wart will swell & then throb as it reacts with the apple cider vinegar. However, within the first couple of days in the minimum the wart turns black in color & the next phase is that the wart is gone. This procedure needs to be repeated over a period of at least few days to a week. There are two ways in which you can apply the apple cider vinegar warts. One is that you apply it before going to bed at night & change it in the morning & then repeat the process again the next night. Another way in which you can effectively apply this swab is by changing it regularly after every twenty four hours. Another important tip in relation to this procedure is that you keep on repeating the procedure even after the wart is gone. This is to make sure that the rest of the area is healed completely & the wart does not come back, at least any time soon.   

Having discussed the procedure of the apple cider vinegar treatment, now let’s come to the second part of our set agenda; the reason as to why this is the preferred treatment. We all know that warts are benign cancer cells which are not just embarrassing but also turn out to be quite painful. Given all the medical treatments that the development in technology has made our access easier to people still prefer this homemade treatment. One of the major reason is the lack of pain in the procedure. All the medical procedures have a separate set of pain in store with the procedures themselves apart from the one being caused by the wart itself. Another reason which is bound to scare anyone off from the medical procedures is the risks associated with them. Although most of the treatments have the minimal risks associated with them but they are by no chance nonexistent.

For example one of the most common medical treatments for warts is cyrotherapy, a procedure in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the wart off which falls off eventually, once the blood vessels going into the wart are destroyed due to the extreme low temperature. This is considered a procedure which has the least risks associated with it & they include, change in skin pigmentation both hypo & hyper, scars & the most severe one is nerve damage. These side effects are said to stay for only a short period but they are known to have prolonged & in some extreme cases they can even stick along permanently. Apple cider vinegar treatment has no side effects at all, not one thus an automatic preferred choice for treatment.

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