Curing Warts – Easy at Home Treatments

The term curing warts is technically wrong in the first place. There is no cure for warts, only different treatments exist that will help you keep the problem at bay & under control. However, the term curing warts is used quite commonly & as a synonymous for treatment of warts.

There are a number of different ways in which warts can be treated. One of the most common & cheapest treatments that are generally used are the herbal remedies. There is no complication involved in their preparation & the ingredients used are everyday products. The first remedy that we’ll be discussing here uses only a pill of the vitamin C. Crush a tablet in a piece of cloth & make sure that it is clean. After crushing the tablet, take few drops of water & add them to the powder that has been formed as a result of the crushing & make a paste. Apply this paste repeatedly until you see the result.

Another herbal method used for wart removal is by applying castor oil on the warts. The method for application is that you soak a piece of cotton in the castor oil & squeeze out the extra oil from the piece of cotton. Place this oil soaked cotton swab on the warts & fix it with the help of a medical tape or a plastic band-aid. This process needs to be repeated twice a day every day until the healing effect is visible.

Garlic is another homemade remedy that will help in treating the problem at hand. First of all peal of the skin of the garlic. Wrap the garlic in a clean piece of cloth & crush it, just like mentioned in the remedy using the vitamin C tablet. Crushing the garlic will give you a semi paste sort of a mixture. Apply this mixture on the warts & wrap it up on the spot using a gauge & medical tape of plastic band-aid. This process needs to be repeated for a minimum of seven days, for severe cases the healing process can take longer, so if you don’t get your results in seven days it is an indication that you need to give more time. Also in the initial phase of the application, feeling a stinging sensation is part of the remedy’s process & also an indication that garlic is working on the warts.

These remedies are natural & have been proven to be quite effective. However, as experts will tell you that the best remedy for the warts depends on their location & their type. In a more common language depends on the stubbornness of the warts. Initial stage to medium stage warts are easily treated by the above mentioned herbal remedies quite effectively. For stubborn warts it is the medical treatments that prove the most effective. However, these treatments are expensive especially compared to all the other alternatives.

One of the methods that is used by dermatologist is called cryotherapy. In this procedure liquid nitrogen is applied on the warts. This application freezes the warts which then fall off once they are frozen to the limit. Cryotherapy apart from being able to treat the most stubborn warts is also the fastest remedy for the problem.

Another medical method uses trichloroascetic chemical. This chemical when applied peels of the warts or they are burned off from the skin. One is prone to feel the stinging sensation in this procedure as well, but it is temporary.

Electrocautery is another medical treatment for our under discussion problem. In the process of electrocautery a controlled electric current is passed through the warts, which burn off. It depends on the type of the warts which determine the number of session that are required for the process.

The different remedies discussed here are not the only treatments; however these are the most commonly used ones.


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