How to Get Rid of a Wart

How to get rid of wart is a very common question asked by people who suffer from the problem. The question is not that common because the answer is very complicated, it is such a common question because there are a lot of answers & none of them is wrong. Some ways of getting rid of warts work for some but not for others while for others there are some other remedies that treat their problem.

Therefore everyone who is suffering from warts should not expect a decisive answer to their query of how to get rid of wart. This stands true especially when we are talking about the natural, herbal & homemade remedies.

One of the most commonly used remedy in the homemade category is by using a very common ingredient present in our kitchen, the garlic. The method of using garlic for getting rid of warts is also quite very simple. First & foremost you are required to peel off the entire skin of the garlic. Once this is end wrap the garlic in a clean piece of cloth.

Then with the help of any kitchen equipment that you generally use for crushing the ingredients needed for your cooking. When you have entirely crushed the garlic, un-wrap the cloth in which you had wrapped it & you will find the garlic turned into a semi powdery or semi paste shape. Semi paste shape depending on the amount of water that the garlic that you are using releases when crushed. Whichever the state your garlic turns into, it is equally effective so don’t discard if you don’t get the pasty look & have a powder form.

The next step before applying this to the wart is to apply petroleum jelly to the healthy skin around the infection. As garlic applied to healthy skin will dry it up as well. After applying the jelly, apply this paste or powder to the wart & warp it with a bandage. Repeat this process daily for at least six days & for some cases it might take more than six days for the wart to fall off. Once the wart falls off there would be no sign remaining that would indicate that the wart ever existed.

Compared to this painless process; slight stinging sensation is not being considered pain here; a commonly used medical procedure is Cryosurgery. In this procedure the dermatologist uses liquid nitrogen to freeze off the wart which falls off in the end. However, it is not that simple as it sounds. Also, it too is not a one sitting procedure. The exact number of sittings can only be determined by the doctor & it depends on the type of the wart & its stubbornness.

Lidocaiine is also injected to numb the area of infection so that the pain of the procedure can be reduced. The concept behind the procedure is that liquid nitrogen destroys the infected tissues, which results in their fall off in the end. Not all the infected tissues are destroyed in one sitting, therefore multiple sittings are required. Once the procedure is complete the patient should also be prepared to deal with the scars that will remain after the procedure of removing the warts.

These two are not the only remedies for getting rid of warts as mentioned in the beginning as well. There are a number of other remedies in both the homemade & the medical category for solving the problem. As far as the homemade ones are concerned not all of them work for everyone. Same stands true for the medical procedures as well. It depends on the patient & the type & area that the wart has infected that determines which procedure should be used. The medical procedure however also depends on the preference of the dermatologist which he or she has for a specific treatment & considers it best.

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