How to Treat Warts

The question how to treat warts must be a very familiar one. Also this is one of those questions which have a lot of right answers instead of just one. These types of questions are not just tricky but can be really frustrating at times as well, especially when the correct answer that you choose to follow does not give you the desired results. Same goes for warts, they are embarrassing, painful & frustrating when they refuse to budge.    

Doctors treat warts with a number of different procedures. The most common & with the least risks involved is called cyrotherapy. In this procedure they use liquid nitrogen to freeze off the wart which then falls off leaving behind the fresh unaffected skin. There are three different types of methods in which cyrotherapy’s procedure can be performed & it depends on the location & the preference of the doctor on which one method is used over the other. One method is to apply the liquid nitrogen directly, another is to apply it with the help of a spray & the third one is to pass the liquid nitrogen via a probe & then applying that probe to the wart directly. The risks involved include, scaring, hyper & hypo pigmentation & nerve damage. Usually these risks are said to go away in a short period but there have been cases where these risks have prolonged.

Another procedure used by doctors to treat warts is the use of trichloroascetic chemical. When it is applied to the wart it either peels off or is burned off.  Apart from this electrocautery is another medical treatment used for getting rid of warts. In this procedure a controlled electric current is passed through the warts, which burn off as a result. All these treatments take time to produce results depending on the type of the warts, their location & their stubbornness. Usually they take more than one season to show the desired results.

The above discussed procedures have the ability to scare off a lot of people. No surprises here. An alternative approach can be adopted which treats warts in a hassle less, painless & above all risk free manner. These are the natural homemade procedures which have proven to be equally effective. Only in very rare cases they don’t work but then that is on the warts who are so stubborn & their only treatment is to surgically remove them.

There is a very long list of the homemade procedures; here we will discuss only some of the most popular ones. One of these involves applying the appropriate ingredients directly on the warts. Either you can rub the ingredients frequently during the day or you can bandage it on the wart for a period of twenty four hours before changing the bandage. This process needs to be repeated for at least a week. The ingredients include lemon juice, ginger, reddish & the skin of the potatoes.

Another very common treatment is the use of apple cider vinegar. The procedure requires that you first clean the area of the infection with soap & then dry it up very gently with a fresh towel. The next step is to soak the cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar & place it on the wart. Then to fix the cotton ball’s position bandage it with a band aid. Either change this bandage after every twenty four hours or apply it at night before sleeping & then change it in the morning which will stay on for the entire day before changing it again at night.

Making a paste of baking soda with water added with crushed cashew nuts & then applying that paste on the infected area is yet another homemade remedy for the warts. If we make a comparison homemade remedies are better for a lot of reasons, the biggest being that it is completely risk free.

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